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Our members are made up of healthcare professionals in San Diego looking to improve the quality of health care and to promote the standards of practice for the home care community.

Membership Info

  • San Diego Regional Home Care Council (SDRHCC) members are made up of healthcare professionals throughout San Diego County looking to improve the quality of health care and to promote the standards of practice for the home care community.  We also work to initiate, sponsor, promote, and implement plans, policies, and activities which may include networking, research, educational programs, and workshops in the field of home care.

  • General Membership Meetings: General membership meetings are currently held via Zoom videoconferencing on the 3rd Thursday of every month; however, there will be no general membership meetings during the month of the Spring Luncheon or in the month of December.


  • Board Meetings: The SDRHCC Board currently meets 9 AM - 10 AM on the first Tuesday of each month via Zoom videoconferencing.


  • Membership Dues: Annual membership dues are $75. The membership year runs from August 1st through July 31st.


  • Section Meetings: Members are encouraged to participate in Section meetings which are usually held on alternating months following the SDRHCC general meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity for networking and the exchange of information.

  • Provider Types: Each provider type in the categories below shall be eligible for participation in Section meetings and activities. Criteria for Section status shall be determined by policy established by the SDRHCC bylaws.

    • Medicare-Certified Home Health Providers

    • Licensed Home Health Providers

    • Hospice Providers

    • Non-Medical Home Care Organizations

    • Affiliate Professional Services


12 Benefits from Joining San Diego Regional Home Care Council

Over 400 individuals representing over 300 companies belong to the SDRHCC. But home care owners and managers are not the only ones who can benefit from joining SDRHCC.​ A wide variety of professionals join SDRHCC for the regulatory, sales and marketing, operational, recruiting and retention, labor law, networking, and countless other resources provided by SDRHCC.

But what are the actual perks of joining SDRHCC? 

#1. Networking opportunities

Networking is probably one of the main benefits of joining SDRHCC. SDRHCC offers numerous events throughout the year that allow home care professionals to network with their peers, including local events and annual conferences. Many of these conferences are intended as a way for members to connect with local, state, and national leaders within the home care industry to expand their professional networks.


#2. Continuing learning opportunities

Membership in SDRHCC is particularly beneficial for those who work in the home care industry because SDRHCC holds educational meetings that provide updates on the issues affecting their jobs. From recent changes in the law to new technological tools that will make their jobs easier, events and training hosted by SDRHCC provide continuing education to help you stay updated on virtually everything happening in the home care world.

#3. Updates on policies

It’s amazing how much one piece of legislation can impact the home care industry. A section of the professional association is devoted to updating members about these changes. They also advocate for the profession and notify members about how to prepare for any change.

#4. Standards and best practices
Through participation in SDRHCC’s governing board, oversight committees, mentoring, and consulting groups, a member can have considerable influence on the development and direction of their profession.

#5.   Access to resources
Another benefit to membership in SDRHCC is the access you get to newsletters, blogs, and other publications that can offer helpful information about the legal industry. Such resources may also provide news about upcoming events, conferences, meetings, and even career opportunities not publicized elsewhere.

#6.   New perspective
Home care professionals are often extremely busy and can get stuck in their own little bubbles. Being around other industry professionals with different viewpoints will expose you to new ideas and outlooks. This can have a very positive effect not only on your personal growth and development but impact the overall success of your home care agency as well.

#7.   Professional development
Beyond the critical monthly educational offerings, SDRHCC provides a variety of professional development opportunities. These come in the form of workshops, online classes, or member-only materials. 

#8.   Getting your name (and your company’s) out there
SDRHCC can be a great way to increase your own visibility, as well as that of your employer. This increased visibility can be essential when trying to enhance your own professional brand and can help your agency/company grow since potential clients like to do business with a familiar face.

#9.   Compliance assistance
For those working on compliance, another benefit of membership is the chance to attend compliance training that will help them prepare for and ultimately pass the licensing and/or renewal process for home health, hospice, and home care agencies. Watch the training calendar for upcoming events.

#10.   Job prospects
Many home care professionals have experienced this scenario: “I can’t find a job because I don’t have any experience but how can I get experience if I can’t find a job?” Obtaining employment in the home care industry can be extremely challenging. But SDRHCC offers career networking resources to help members break into the job market or find a new position. Being a member of SDRHCC can help you get your foot in the door.

#11. Social responsibility
An aspect that is equally as important as giving back. SDRHCC provides members with a means to give back to the community via outreaches, sponsorships, scholarships, and fundraisers. You can offer your time to assist your community.

#12. Time to recharge
Late nights and weekends spent in the office are commonplace for home care professionals. But being a member of SDRHCC will get you out of the office to connect with like-minded professionals who likely share at least some of the same interests. After all, you all chose to work in the home care industry, right? Take time to connect with others who have made the same decision and are facing the same experiences.

To fully receive the benefits of membership, you need to be engaged with SDRHCC. With any membership, however, you get what you put into it. Get involved as often as possible and you will reap the benefits offered to you as a member.

Join today and start enjoying the benefits of SDRHCC!


Connect with a San Diego network of healthcare professionals with similar goals and concerns


Engage in activities designed to increase awareness and reflect a positive image of the home care industry


Help develop quality management activities, including benchmarking, standards of care, and regulatory experiences


Interact with elected officials and participate in grassroots advocacy



Annual Fiscal Year Membership $75
Half-fiscal year Membership $37.50


Questions? Email for assistance.

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